Borders And Jamieson Christmas Message 2012

Join Borders And Jamieson as they wish their loyal fans a very happy and merry Christmas time. We sing some songs, have some laughs, but most importantly we discuss the true meaning of Christmas!

Petition To Stop Online SPAMMING

It has come to the attention of the staff at Borders And Jamieson that online spamming has become a huge problem. The birth of popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have only enhanced this huge problem.

One worried reader sent us an example of a recent spam attack that has been montaged and shown in the image below.


This has sparked us into action!

This type of spamming is unacceptable and no one should have to stand for it.

Sign the comments section below to be a part of this!


Banned T-Shirts Now Available

Borders and Jamieson are proud to unveil a licensing agreement with popular clothes manufacturer, Clothes Company, and have made available a selection of controversial and black humour t-shirts.

The t-shirts are listed below and are available from here;


And here we have;


Another option;

Murder people

And here is some semen;


And for the truely courageous.

All shirts

All shirts are available now!

From The Phone : “Vagina Burger”


As if any of our other content is….

I welcome you to a new segment and a peak into the world and minds of the BJ experience.

From The Phone will examine the conversations that Jonny and Mike have and will examine the contents with in, examining the examination. Examine. This first installment will take a look at a concept for a new fast food chain. “Vagina Burger” and its menu options. Lets take a look at how the business was born.

Birth of Burger

And so lets see what we have here…


A mockup of a VB.


The conversation continues.

Continuing Vagina

So the menu takes shape.

Excuse the spelling mistake in “Burger” at one point – nightmare (editors note).


Sauce options.


So, could you see yourself at Vagina Burger? What would you order? Sound off in the comments below.

Our First Baby Scan.

As many of you know, Michael and I are having a baby. Fathered by us both. I’d link to some appropriate articles here but quite frankly you can do that yourself if you’re that interested.


Today we had our first scan. Not a womb scan as despite unloading a whole ocean liners worth of semen into his anus, Michael is still yet to be successfully impregnated. I blame his shitty womb. NO, not a womb scan but a very high tech, scientific, facial bone structure scan. It has given us an image of what our child will look like with a “99.9% degree of accuracy or a third of your money back”.

Well today, I share it with you friends. Here is, our child…

An utter beauty even if I do say so myself. We are very proud future-parents-to-be. We’ve decided to make her an online dating profile to see if she will be a hit with the men. We’d like to vet them out early and shall update on any suitable suitors for your opinions.

Apple Announces iPad® Maxi

In a surprise, special invitation only press conference held today, Apple announced a new addition to their product base. The cutting edge “iPad Maxi” measures over 50 inches in screen size, weighs 112 kilograms (lighter than comparable tablets)

iPad Maxi Announcement

Apple Unveils New Fifth Generation iPad with Retina Display, Faster A8X Chip, BodyTime HD Camera & LifeSize Interactive Pornography Hub.

SAN JOSE, California?November 18, 2012?Apple® today introduced iPad® Maxi, a completely new iPad design that is 707 percent heavier and 450 percent larger than the fourth generation iPad. The new iPad Maxi features a stunning 51.8-inch Multi-Touch™ display, BodyTime® HD and iSight® cameras, an incredible 1.2 hours of battery life²?every inch an iPad, yet in a revolutionary design you can grasp precariously in one hand and barely lift. iPad Maxi comes with iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 200 new features.

iPad Home Use

Timothy Cook said of the new device “We wanted to provide a product to customers that literally feels different, that can be used to provide the entertainment and the tools that our other products cannot provide”

iPad Size

“Boasting a screen size of 51.8 inches, this new iPad is the only platform that can deliver our brand new LifeSize Interactive Pornography Hub application. This new app puts you in the front row of your wildest fantasies. With an open source uploading programme, the service will launch with over twenty free interactive videos, over fifty paid videos, and the opportunity to programme and upload your own interactive programming. It makes every sexual decision you make have a price and pay off, and having used the programme extensively over the course of the last four months, I can confirm that it is one of the most in depth and rewarding experiences you can achieve from an Apple product.”

iPad User

The iPad Maxi goes on sale on Monday with the 2GB 3G version available for $4,999.99 and the 4GB Wi-Fi version available at $69,599.99. Sound off in the comments section below about your thoughts.